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 Posted: Wed Jul 25th, 2007 04:34 pm
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The one located on the bottom sends the freezer temp to the pc board to control the freezer temps, the one attached to the evap. is used for defrosting control.

If you jump J9 to J11 on the board it will turn on the heater and thus verify that the limit control and heater are OK, be careful if you do this as L1 is hot, if the compressor is runnig at the time the heater will also come on, you can unplug it first to be safe and install a jumper and then reconnect unit, heater should start to heat if both the limit and heater are good. If this works its probably just a bad thermister on the evaporator

The thermisters are cheap enough, I would just replace it and check it in a day or to to make sure the frost is not returning.