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 Posted: Sat Jul 14th, 2007 01:02 pm
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Thanks to this forum I'll be getting my 2 year old GE PSS26NGSA side by side fixed in a couple of days. Symptoms started with the ice dispenser motor humming a while before any ice got dispensed, so I took the ice bin out and cleaned everything up. Things went well for a few days until I made the mistake of saying to my wife while standing in front of the frig "I guess cleaning out the ice maker took care of the problem". Less than one hour later  the problems returned and progressed to lights on dispenser just dimming when trying to get anything dispensed, to finally complete failure of refrigerator such that the temperature display panel settings are all blank except for "HRS" flashing in one of the display sections and sound of a motor trying to start but constantly failing in sync with the HRS flashing. No cooling or freezing for the next couple of days till GE gets here, but luckily I've got a backup.

I called the 800# in the manual and mentioned that I had read about circuit board failures and asked if my frig was covered (before I found this thread and saw the Nov 06 letter). Rep knew nothing and said there was no warranty, I would have to pay for everything. Found a different # listed for a class action settlement at (800-694-8477), the person at that number knew about the bad circuit boards and told me the repairs would be covered. So we'll see on Monday what exactly went bad, I'll just be more careful in the future about talking about an appliance within hearing range.