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 Posted: Fri Jul 13th, 2007 09:43 am
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It's true. Even I make dumb mistakes - like drilling a 7/8 inch hole in the roof of a new pickup truck for a 3/4 inch radio antenna mount or drilling four holes in the truck of a new police car to mount the radio and include four into the gas tank.

I saved Bill a few years ago when he owned a two unit condo. The local pros wanted to replace the Ac compressor but I found the black wire burnt off the spade lug. The next 2nd opinion call was just a bad start cap. How can a pro miss that? I would not want to replace the compressor in that kind of weather.

Note: Poor connections cause overheating.  I had the male spade lug break or burn off a compressor. See the pix for a fix. I removed the "tang" lug and use the clamp to connect the wire to the compressor pin. Works every time. LOL

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