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 Posted: Sun Jul 8th, 2007 06:13 pm
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AH! It was only the diverter pump! I was lucky. Now I can send back the other part and get a refund from the company. My marriage is saved.
Problem:  I could not figure out why our clothes smelled bad. Prior to the fix I added a drain trap to the washer drain thinking the odors were from sewer gas. (Yes the builder did not install one)
I noticed that when the diverter valve is broken that not all of the water is draining our and the wash water is partially contaminated with old water, making the clothes smell bad. 
Therefore if the clothes start smelling bad the water is not fully draining from the very bottom of the tub (which you can’t see without taking the agitator out) and you may not know it until there is a complete breakdown of the diverter valve.  
Thanks for all the help. J