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 Posted: Fri Jul 6th, 2007 01:45 pm
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Okay, I'm back -

Well, I tried it the with the new separator as shown above in photo C; running the dishwasher with the door open (in my long overcoat) to observe. The water from the wash hit the stove on the opposite side of the kitchen. :flush: Then I tried it as in photo D above; the water from the wash DROWNED the stove... and the fridge... and tried to scrub my eyeballs off my face before I could get my coathanger out of the door interlock.:surfin: I think we have a winner!

And yes, before I got too excited:spaz:, I DID verify that the unit does still drain properly & doesn't pee all over the floor. :cop:

So Thanks for the help, I'm gonna go enjoy my nice clean dishes now! :party:
(And stop eating off of paper plates, ;)


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