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 Posted: Fri Jun 29th, 2007 01:48 am
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Search the forum and you will find a thread with a detailed description of the diverter valve.  The problem is how to figure out whether it is working or not.  I didn't get to have a chance to try this but you might.  The connections on the diverter look like the end of a two prong extension cord.  Make a 24 inch female wire connector that will connect to one of the diverter male plugs and a 24 inch male connector that plugs in the female connector that would ordinarily attach to that prong of the diverter.  Leave the other wire connected to the other prong.  Right the machine and run the two long wire leads under the back so you can access them.  Place a 12V test light in the circuit and start the machine.  If the machine is trying to pump water but the test light does not operate at the point in the cycle, then that may mean  the MC is bad and is not sending power to operate the diverter arm.  If the test light operates, then it would seem that the diverter is bad.  I don't know if this will work but it seems liks it should.  If anyone has a better idea (e.g. ohm measurement), then please speak up.  You just may help save a marriage.....

Also, is it true that if the water is circulating into the basket but just won't pump out, then you know that the pump adjacent to the diverter is working?  Is is possible that a MC malfunction can cause the pump to work on some parts of the cycle but not others?   


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