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 Posted: Fri Jun 29th, 2007 01:31 am
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There are multiple posts on the diverter/pump/mc problems with F&P GWL10-GWL15 machines that appear to have the same basic operational functions.  No one, however, has offered to help with a diagnostic approach so that you don't have to buy all parts or worse, risk burning up a MC because the wrong part was changed.  If the machine is not draining, isn't there a way to know which part is malfunctioning? 

For anyone who was smart enough to find this site and these posts before you kept plugging it in until you no longer had power to the unit, don't keep trying to "reset" after waiting 60 seconds.  Search the forum and read everything you can about it; write down the codes (if any you get) and what the machine is doing (e.g. is water pumping during the agitation?).  Resist the temptation to just "try something" or you will end up in worse shape.   

My washer is sitting in the garage; would like to fix and give to a charity but I can't afford to try to fix it any more.  Better to just send it to the dump and give the money that I would have spent on parts (and the matching dryer) to charity.