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 Posted: Sun Jun 19th, 2005 06:57 pm
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My dryer has started tripping the breaker after about 5 minutes into drying on heat cycle.  On Air dry it'll run all day.  I've resorted to switching back and forth between the two to keep it running, but if I leave it on timed heat cycle it'll trip every time. What should I be checking?  I read here it could be a flaky circuit breaker, which wouldn't be a big deal to replace but I suspect it might be some part of the heating circuit, just not sure what part. I checked out a few parts that had values given for ohmmeter readings, which were good except the resistance was a little out of spec for the resistor i replaced awhile back with a new part #(the one beside the push to start switch)  I also read here that it could be the motor, but I'm not so sure about that either since it'll run all day without heating circuit on. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I notice this dryer has reached its "half-life", but  it is really in good shape. What about the high limit switch? Should I be checking that, and how?