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 Posted: Thu Jun 21st, 2007 02:48 am
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My GE side by side is just over a year old (timing consistent with Murphy’s Law) and the ice dispenser has stopped working.  I think the control board in the back of the Fridge is the point of failure.  When I press the dispense lever for ice the interior fans stop running, the coolant pump stops, the chute door flap only partially opens and the control panel area illumination dims.  There is a relay on the control board clicking quietly for a moment, and then it all resumes normal operation including the flap briefly popping open then closing but no ice.  The water seems to work most of the time except shortly after attempting to get ice.  I removed the dispenser motor thinking that it was fried or frozen but the symptoms don’t change.  Pulling the ice maker didn’t help either.  I pulled the control board and checked for any darkened areas or burned components but only found the odor of a cooked diode or transistor.


Is there an inherent problem with this model I should be aware of before I call the Office of the President at GE and become such a nuisance that they simply send me the part?  Perhaps a problem you are aware of that will cause this early life failure like a crappy dispenser motor?


Thanks for any help