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 Posted: Thu Jun 21st, 2007 12:43 am
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Good evening wise gurus of public service...

I have a Neptune Top Loader (FAV6800AWW) that works fine as long as there are no clothes in it!  However, with a load of clothes, it stops on the spin cycle with a UC (continuous unbalanced circuit) or a dc (distribute clothes).  You can also hear (and see--the front is off) the tub beating the side of the washer to death.  No matter what I do to re-distribute the clothes, the problem persists.  Take the clothes out and it runs fine....

I have pulled the guide out of the console and run diagnostics with the following results: 

Tub displacement diagnostics check good.  Displacement sensor reads like it should with only concern being that front left corner has to go to full stop point to get unbalance open condition.  This tells me that there is a lot of tolerance in the switch before it kicks off an unbalanced load fault.

Component diagnostics for drain pump and pressure switch all check good with meter.  Verified pump is pumping water and do not think there is any blockage.

Did notice that there is a lot of play in the tub though (just by putting one finger pressure on it) and was wondering what the life expectancy on the two shocks is?  (The washer is a year old).  I can't think of anything that would cause the tub to go crazy when clothes are in it other than the shocks.