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 Posted: Sun Jun 17th, 2007 08:57 pm
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I have entered appliance repair purgatory.  F&P GWL10 has served us well for 5 years but I have a problem now that has me at a point of frustration and defeat.  We originally bought the F&P to fit a smaller space in a duplex and I had no idea about the difficulty of locating parts anywhere or getting service in a rural area.   I am writing this post primarily to help others avoid the same mistakes I have made this week.

Washer originally would not drain.  Same symptoms as top of this post.  Found the the diagnostics sheet in the top of the control panel.  Tried all suggestions plus others (unplug machine, unplug diverter valve, unplug drain pump, diagnostics, let sit, etc.).  Couldn't get anything to reveal.  Even checked drain pump although water was pumping and recirculating at the point it would not drain.  After trying several times, machine stopped powering up altogether.  Unplug, wait 60 seconds, plug in and display controller only flashes.  I now feel that sinking feeling that I have made matters worse.  (First mistake)

Called our appliance service man.  Didn't realize he was not F&P factory authorized which means parts he buys and not warranted any more than if I buy them direct.  Of course he doesn't have the service manual either.  (Second mistake).  He tries calling New Zealand and didn't even know parts are available from California.   By the way for the uninitiated, F&P parts not generally avaliable locally and must be shipped from CA which takes several days unless pay an extra $25 for overnight delivery.     

After reading posts and understanding how the diverter valve works, I assumed I had a diverter valve problem that was simply stuck.   Took off hoses, valve felt stuck, pushed on it and broke the gray plastic arm.  If you are at this point, take the diverter valve off of the machine and look and how it is made before you start pushing on things.  Anyway, it is now broken but I don't have power so I still don't know if it is the diverter valve or not.   Of course, laundry is starting to pile up and wife is becoming very unhappy.   

From this posts, learned it may also be the motor controller.  Couldn't find the diverter valve locally but just happened to find the motor controller from a local service company.  Took a chance and bought it (cost $133 total), plugged in and no difference.  Board still flashes briefly.  Now I wonder if I have burned up a second motor controller. 

So I now have a machine that won't power, a $65 service bill, a controller that I can't return, and a broken diverter valve.  Anyone have any ideas or suggesitons on why I can't get the power to come on.  I assume it is not the display controller because it was working just fine and another post indicates those usually do not cause problems. 

Is there any way to check anything more or is it time to throw in the towel (pun intended)?  We have the matching dryer so I would pay a few more bucks even though it is probably not worth going further, but a man's pride is worth something. I usually am pretty good at making repairs on my jeep, outdoor power equipment, and even appliances but this one has the best of me so far. 

Unfortunately I didn't discover this site until several days of "experimenting."  Had I known about it, I would have gladly paid the one time fix it fee.   If anyone who is reasonaly mechnical finds this post and is in a similar situation, I would highly recommend  paying the fee for the help before you ruin other parts and further delay the repair.  Takes too long to get a part from California only to discover that something else is needed.   To make matters worse, we went to Lowe's yesterday and saw the GLW15 for only $599.  

I have always said that hell is a place where the condemned must try to fix trailer lights for eternity (anyone who has ever owned an old trailer understands this frustration).  I now think working on a F&P washing machine will be right there as well. 

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