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 Posted: Sat Jun 16th, 2007 12:26 pm
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Burner cap- Piece that you can lift off in your hand

Burner base- Piece that remains on the stove after you have lifted a burner cap off.

Try cleaning the underside of the burner cap.  Concentrate on the metal ring that will come in contact with the burner base.  A Dremel tool is the best way, but sandpaper or steel-wool will work.  It should be shiny.  Then, clean the surface of the burner head that the burner cap will touch the same way.  Should be clean shiny metal.  If your module was bad it would never work correctly, same thing with the polarity of your outlet.  Usually intermittent performance on re-ignition units is the result of poor contact between the caps and the burner base. 

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