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 Posted: Thu Jun 14th, 2007 12:45 pm
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I am resurrecting this thread!  I have the same problem with the diverter valve not draining but continually recirculating.  When I first found the diverter valve I noticed that it was getting very hot to the touch.  I also noticed that as soon as the unit is plugged in the little elctronic plunger very s l o w l y came out and closed off the drain.

I thought that it didnt seem right that it would open so slowly AND be super hot so I ordered a new valve thinking it would solve all of my problems and eliminate hunger throughout the world.  You can tell from my sarcasm that I was incorrect.  =(.  Since I ordered a new valve I decided to dissect the old one.  The little siler button inside was very burnt looking, further confirming my suspicions that the diverter valve was bad.  Oh yes, before I go on, there was nothing stuck in the valve or any broken bits.

So, last night I replaced the valve and plugged it in.  Same thing happened.  The plunger slowly creeped out closing the drain and the actuator got hot.  I ran the cleaning cycle just to see and sure enough, I can hear the pump cylcing every 10 secs and only recirculating the water.

Where do I go from here?