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 Posted: Tue Jun 5th, 2007 11:07 pm
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So i got a Kenmore/Whirlpoos gas dryer, probably about 1999 or 2000 vintage. model #110.70072990, ser #mj4802404.  It ran great til last nite. I ran a "high heat" cycle with no problem. Then I immediately ran a medium heat cycle. The dryer went "beep beep beep beep ...." and I think the lights on the panel where flashing. I pushed the stop button, the "off" button for cycle signal (it was driving me crazy), and then the stop button a few more time. It finally stopped - dead. Now, nuthin happens. I plugged a lamp into electrical outlet to verify there was electricity (lamp worked). I looked at this site and found out it's probably the thermal fuse (I'll also check the dryer vent - it's probably 8 or more feet long - maybe why the fuse blew?).

I looked at the "dryer repair" section, but can't find a way to remove the back panel to get to the thermal fuse. Am I gonna hafta take the top off, the front and back off and the drum out to get to the fuse? Any shortcuts? If/when i get to the fuse, will it be obvious that the fuse is blown (like a car fuse), or will I have to jump the wires around the fuse and see if i've got power?