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 Posted: Tue Jun 5th, 2007 01:52 pm
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jagrider91 wrote:   And how to fill and use a charging cylinder?
Filling is the easy part, get as short a hose as possible and connect the refrigerant cylinder's outlet valve to the hose and the other end to the bottom valve of the charging cyl. If the cyl has never been filled, I'd evacuate it and the hose first. Then open the lower and refrigerant cyl valves and throttle open the upper valve until you see liquid ref bubbling up the sight glass. Let it fill the desired amount and shut off all open valves. If it is a regular refrigerant cylinder turn it upside down so liquid comes out, if you have a cyl of R414a it has a dip tube so liquid flows when right side up. The refrigerant cyl will be marked.

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