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 Posted: Tue Jun 5th, 2007 01:42 pm
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Copied from a reply to an earlier question:

After performing the repair I attach an access valve to the process side of the compressor and the filter/driers I use have a double-sided inlet with an access valve on one end already. I hook up the blue hose to the process side and the red hose to the filter-driers access port. I then hook up my Robinair 6 cfm vacuum pump to the big hose on my 4-way manifold and the ref port gets the electronic vacuum gauge. I open all valves and check the blue gauge for proper suck-down and the vacuum pump's exhaust port for gross leaks.

After 5 minutes at the blue gauge's lowest point I turn on the "micron" gauge and see where it's at. When it's under 1500 I turn on the system's compressor to ensure no pockets of atmosphere/moisture are hiding. When it reads 500 or less I turn off the valve to the pump and shut it off. If it holds under 500 for 5 minutes I shut the red and blue side valves, open the vac pump port, unhook the "micron" gauge, hook up the hose to the charging cylinder and vacuum that hose out for at least a minute. Then the vac valve gets shut, the blue valve is opened and the charge is allowed into the system as a vapor. After monitoring the pressures for a bit, the ref valve is closed and the hose to the f/d is removed. I use Qwik-Seals on the end of the blue and red hoses so the refrigerant cannot escape. Then the red valve is opened and I wait for pressure to equalize before removing the blue hose and capping the access ports. Then I try to get all the stuff back into my SS bag so I can close the zipper. Thanks for reading this, I know it's alot.

The compressor cannot evacuate a system by itself, sweep-charging is asking for trouble. Since I have codified this method I do not believe I have experienced a contamination-related failure from any work I have performed. If you have the proper tools and use this method you cannot fail. Except when you get a bad compressor right out of the box. Frig tech Guy told me I should test them before I install them. I do now.

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