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 Posted: Mon Jun 4th, 2007 11:19 pm
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Many thanks to all of you for guiding me!  My dear hubby thought I was off my rocker when I told him that I had figured out what was wrong with our 5 year old Kenmore front loader  and was  going to do the job MYSELF!  The rear bearing was shot.    I ordered the rear tub assembly ( was a DREAM to work with and shop from!)  and spent Memorial Weekend doing the job!  Oh yeah, he was :yikes: as I began to pull out the motor, control panel, pump and then the bolts on the tub.  Kept saying it would NEVER run again!  Told him to :gimmebeer: and move out of the way while I worked. 

One thing I DID learn:

-The drum pulley metal IS FRAGILE!  Braun will NOT triumph over brains.  The biggest mistake I made on this job was letting hubby try and apply his braun on the pulley.  I heard the crack, then:oops:.  He broke the pulley.  Spent an addition $62 for the pulley. 

In total, I spent $261.  New rear tub assembly, next day priority Saturday shipping on a holiday weekend, and the new drum pulley (shipped 2nd air).  Yeah, you spend bocu bucks on rush delivery when you have 3 boys who spend LOTS of time outside, in LOTS of dirt. :stooges:

So, I have contributed to the beer fund because I would not want to lose this resource!!  This has also been a major confidence builder for me!  2 weeks ago I fixed the washing machine.  Last week I fixed a toilet.  Tomorrow I'm fixing two drain stops that are giving me grief.  I'm :armed: and ready to repair.  THANKS!