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 Posted: Thu May 31st, 2007 06:16 pm
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Well, I did what I said I wouldn't do, and a Whirlpool W/D are on the way. I don't have the money for a new set, so I had to go to rent a center.

Not too terrible a bad deal, depending on how I manage it. Basically if I pay it off within 90 days I get the set for about $200 over retail. If on the other hand I make every payment ($78/mo); I'll pay $2045 for around a $600 set. But I can send em back anytime I want, and any repairs are covered.

Borrowing the money to go buy a set isn't an option..... I just threw a rod in my engine, and was pot committed on that car (Just spent $1500 on it 2 weeks before) I had to throw another 2K into it. Anyway I'm broke.

The models are:

Washer: WTW5100SQ

Dryer: WED5300SQ

Going to rent a center is never a good idea, but I don't know any appliance dealers around here that I trust enough to buy reconditioned from. AT least I didn't have to go to Sears.

Anyway I'm sure these are the low of the low end W/D, so any suggestions on wether or not y'all think I should buy 'em, or just rent until I can save the $ to buy a different set outright, please let me know. I can't find any user reviews on the google.