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 Posted: Tue May 29th, 2007 12:28 pm
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Dr.Pep.......I feel your I have had quite a few of these over the years......the Whirlpool Direct Drive machine (which you have) is the best top load machine ever built/ last forever and when they do break down they are easy to fix (couplers,pumps,lid switches, clutches) ......the problem I have found with the machine you had is the electronic controls (dryers included) no-where near the problems with the reg. timer machines....(but it is your money and you can spend it anyway you see fit, and besides the electronic controles do look cool)

dealing with the Big S.... though is a nightmare....after they get your hard earned moolah they could care less and it's going to get worse....we are in a small market area but have 2 stores in a 30 mile radius, and I encounter people every week who say they will never purchase from them again because of the way they were treated when needing repair (like having refrigerator down and having to wait 7-10 days- which is absurd)

thing is if it is built by human mands/robot arms for that matter and has working parts in it it will tear up eventually, no matter what the brand.........the best we can hope for is to re-search and buy what has the most proven track record, and as far as top-load washers go you had it (minus the controls).....if looking for a new machine other than a Whirlpool, the Staber that Samurai speaks of often seems to be pretty simple and bullet proof....I have no experience with them but I've read good things on them

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