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 Posted: Mon May 28th, 2007 12:52 am
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Well, after replacing the touch panel and control board a year or so ago, and having them go bad again last week.... combined with all the other problems I've had with this thing.... I decided it was time to send the bastard back to hell where it came from. 

It was full of water, and I thought the best way to fix that was to first push it over. Then, back on it's feet, and a nice 20 minute visit with Dr. 2x4 was all that was needed to fix this machine permanently. Insulated myself, plugged her in, hit start.

The circuit board sparked and smoked nicely. I was also rewarded with one final beep from the end of cycle signal.

The motor and various other mechanical components made some very nice sounds in their final death throes.

Overall, a very satisfying experience.

I gave the corpse to a guy who tinkers with washers, he wanted the wash tub.

NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY A KENMORE OR WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCE. And this isn't just cause of the crappy design, or my irritation at myself for buying an electronic model.

Mostly it's because Sears doesn't stand behind their products, and they apparantly outsource thier repair services to 16 year old mental defectives.