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 Posted: Sun May 27th, 2007 09:04 pm
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What you should charge is based on how valuable your time is.  In Atlanta here my company bills me out at $100/hr. from the time my wheels on the Ford F250 start rolling your way untill they pull out of your driveway  for commercial.

Residentially it is not unusual for between $65 - $89 service fee which pays for someone to show up and the first 30 mins of troubleshooting.  Parts and labor are book priced from there.

Side work - not on the clock stuff - ranges from $50 trip charge and $50/hr to as high as the market will bear.  Then there is the parts charge on top of that.

To answer your question, what is your time worth?  You have run into the age old problem that alot of residential guys run into.  The customer thinks they are paying you for what you DO.  What they fail to realize is that they are actually paying you for what you know HOW to do. 

That you have two guys on the job is a frequent problem here, the customer does not want to pay for the helper...the real question is "Was the helper absolutely necessary for safety reasons or to get the job done."  If no, then its hard to charge for him or if you do, charge a reduced rate for non-technical labor.

Worst case scenario...suck up the loss or go back and undo your work by re-introducing the problem, reclaim the the R22 and walk away (you have to really be pee-ed of for that one). 

Then the "Brother" will know your true value when he calls a real company (not Butt Crack HVAC LLC) and sees the costs they charge.