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 Posted: Sat May 26th, 2007 11:16 pm
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I think at the point where they "Tony" could not get the compressor to start I would have questioned why they chose to install a new compressor. The initial problem of the coil freezing was likely low refrigerant based on your comments. Solutions should have been limited 1- repair existing coil 2- replace with new coil meeting same specs as old.

I suspect the wiring issue was created from the "Tony" repair and if he was not qualified to diagnose a simple electrical circuit then it is time to send him on his way.

1st serviceman added refrigerant to save time, money, and to determine the size of the leak. (Some systems will take a few pounds and run all summer.) - he was gracious to offer a refund.

2nd serviceman "Fred" quoted realistic pricing to replace the leaking A-coil - "Bill" apparently liked "Tony's" lower price

3rd serviceman? - (not sure what he does for a living) - installs a used coil, damages some wiring, replaces (I question) a compressor, and who knows what else -

4th serviceman "Fred" - now re-hired to clean up the mess "Tony" left. Not only is he frustrated that "Bill" was too cheap to do the job the right way when it did work, now he has a pile of unknowns to contend with and will be expected to warranty the junk work done by "Tony" - If I were "Fred" I would not have touched the system after "Tony" - My guess is he felt if he were responsible he was going to install a whole new system and make it right.

Just my perspective. If someone wants to price shop instead of hiring a quaility contractor from the beginning then they are in for a pile of problems. "Bill" would have been further ahead having "Fred" do the work initially. Not only was he referred by a trusted source, he would warranty the work he did - unlike "Tony"

So what I see is low bid + unquailfied "Tony" does not = 4 guys missing the boat

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