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 Posted: Fri May 18th, 2007 10:05 pm
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Thanks to all the great information here on this forum and this post in particular. I would not have been able to repair our CDN Kenmore Front Loader Model: 970-C40062-00 without it (including the PDF file).

Some interesting anecdotes of this repair include
  1. Sounded like a jet engine taking off for over two years but the grease issue just started showing up in the last few washes.
  2. I couldn’t get the pulley off so I laid the rear bottom tub assembly face down supported off the floor by some plastic tubs … then pounded the pulley and shaft out of the rear tub assembly
  3. Don’t damage the pulley nut retaining threads in the shaft or you are going to have some work to do to fix it (don’t ask my how I knows this). Final solution was to drill out the first ¼” of the opening in the shaft so that the bolt can get to the “good” threads.
  4. I couldn’t get the rear tub assembly weights off until I got the pulley off. The retaining bolts were too long. When fully dropped they hit the pulley and still wouldn’t clear the retaining holes. Had to pull the pulley first. I am going to cut the bolts shorter … duh, upon assembly I realized that the bolts are compression and I could have just slipped the weights out.
  5. Nothing else was a problem except the entire tub enclosure was heavy and kept getting hung up on the shocks when trying to pull it out. Make sure the shocks are well out of the way.
Assembly anecdotes include
  1. The shaft went back into the new rear tub assembly quite easily.
  2. The pulley wouldn’t go back on easily. I used a dremel to shave it slightly so it fits not quite so tightly.
  3. NO damage on the (newer version) spider arms but LOTS of grease and soap buildup. Took 1/2hr just to clean it up.
  4. There is absolutely no way we could have gotten the front door boot back on (around the outer tub) without removing the boot from the front shell/door edge THEN removing the front weights. We put the boot on the outer tub (along with the spring) then loaded the weights back on THEN loaded the entire tub assembly back into the washer THEN reattached the front of the boot to the shell/door