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 Posted: Sun Apr 29th, 2007 09:29 am
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I've always said that CR is a crooked rip-off organization.  I think that finally had to get on board with this recent assessment of appliances because it was becoming common knowledge with broad consumer experiential knowledge-- if they didn't finally come out and acknowledge the obvious, they would have been irrelevant (which they are anyway, but they don't want people to *know* that).  

I agree with your other observations about poorly-trained techs and impoper installations, but I have personally seen lots and lots of issues with Thermador an Viking in particular (the subject brands in the article) that are nothing less that poor quality and/or design flaws.  Thermador is especially bad about orphaning products and leaving people stuck with a $4,000 wall oven for which you can't even buy a replacement ERC (just one recent example that comes to mind).

My only complaint with the article is not its factual basis or claims-- it's, "What the hell took 'em so long to finally publish the obvious?"

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