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 Posted: Fri Apr 27th, 2007 07:12 pm
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Well, guess it doesn't hurt if I answer here... no power at all would point to the control board, but could be the timer too... or something like the power cord being broken, often near the plug or at the entry point to the machine...

If you decide to tear down into it, you could examine the brush thing. If they were changed during the last year, there should be plenty left. If they weren't, and the tech fixed something else, I bet they are quite worn by now. Unless someone changed them during the first 9 years.

Follow the chain:

-Supply - certified, dryer works
-Intermediary fuse(s) - please certify that good voltage is found at the washer outlet on dryer...
-Washer cord - check continuity...
-Washer fuses - check continuity...
-Deeper and deeper, with wiring diagram if possible...

I strongly encourage you to start a new topic on this.

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