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 Posted: Fri Apr 27th, 2007 06:26 pm
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Not sure if I should start a new topic - am posting to this one because I see it is monitored and am hoping for help!  I have an Asko 10505 washer that is about 10 years old - I inherited it with the house we bought about a year ago.  I live in the Colorado Rockies - about an hour from Colorado Springs.  A few months ago the washer wouldn't agitate or spin and we loaded it into a truck and took it to town.  6 weeks and $450 later the washing machine was back and operating.  Reading this forum, I realize that it was probably the motor brushes and I could have fixed it myself, but the appliance guy said it was a circuit board and thus the huge expense!  I don't want to take the machine back to the same place because I just don't trust the guy, but unfortunately he's the only shop in Colorado Springs that services Asko.  I'd like to diagnose my current problem and hopefully fix it, myself.  My only other alternative will be to haul it to Denver - 3 hours away.  Even replacing it isn't much of an option because the units are unusually small and fit under the counter - and the counter is concrete!

Here's the problem:  I have no power to the washer.  I came home from being out of town and my husband complained that the door wouldn't open.  (My wonderful husband is a builder but not handy at all).  I got the door open by inserting a screw driver in the little slot beside the lock, but the real problem appears to be that the washer has no power.  The washer, being european current, plugs into the (Asko 7005) dryer, not into the wall.  The dryer is operating.  The 15 amp fuses in both the washer and dryer appear to be OK (no evidence of burning).  I'd appreciate any help you can offer.  Thanks!