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 Posted: Sun Apr 15th, 2007 09:45 pm
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Yeah, I measured the "low" temp inside the drum of the neighbor's dryer and got the same temp, more or less.

I think the only remaining explanations for the shrunken clothes are:
(1)  The clothes shrank before I fixed the heater, and my wife is  just confused.  Maybe I'll let one of you guys tell her that, OK?
(The problem with that theory is that the baby wasn't even born then, and she thinks it shrinks his clothes.)
(2)  Operator error. 
As before, maybe one of you guys will volunteer to tell her that.
(3)  Intermittant temp overheats for some as yet unknown reason.
(One argument in favor of this is that I have a shirt with actual scorchmarks on it, and I think I bought it after I bent the heater wires straight but before I installed the new heater.)
Any ideas what might cause an intermittant overheat?  Or an overheat that only occurs in "Automatic Dry-Miser" mode?

The only way I can think to check for intermittants is to borrow a thermocouple datalogger test rig from work and run the dryer while taking measurements continuously.  Or maybe I will just tell the wife it is fixed and report back if she continues to complain. 

Let me correct that:  I will report back if she continues to complain about the dryer.  The way I originally wrote that, I'd be posting every five mnutes...