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 Posted: Sun Apr 15th, 2007 06:55 pm
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Trying to help wrote: Where are we taking these temps from?  The temps I quoted should be vent discharge temps from the rear of the unit.  Most manufacturers recommend testing temps here in the service manuals.  You can poke a hole in the vent to check it hooked up, and then remove the vent to see the differences.  Is this where you checked them from to give the earlier temp readings? 

I'm getting 155-175 inside the dryer tub.  I have a kickass magnet that will stick two refrigerators together, and I used it to stick the oven thermometer onto the inside of the dryer door.

Later, I unstuck the exhaust hose and stuck the magnet and thermometer into the exhuast outlet, where the hose to the wall is attached.  I turned the thermometer sideways to it wouldn't impede the airflow too much.  I got between 135-160 deending on setting.