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 Posted: Sun Apr 15th, 2007 05:28 am
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So the new thermostat didn't help, which I think is the first part I've replaced that didn't need fixing.  New idea.
5.  Maybe the impeller got slightly damaged during the overheat, so there's OK airflow, but not good airflow.
So I took apart the hot air exit duct + lint filter holder thingy.  Double handfull of crap in the bottom, which I dutifully removed.  The impeller looks great.

But the foam seal between the drum and the exit duct looks awful.  Shrivelled and distorted and unhappy.  I think, "Aha!  The Samurai will gasp in wonder!  I have a new problem that will amaze everyone."  New idea:
6.  The foam was damaged and shrivelled up when the previous failures caused an overheat.  Air is being drawn into the exit duct at through the leaky foam seal, cooling off the dryer air and thereby biasing the thermostat by ~25 deg F.
So I tested the air temperature in the exit duct by the thermostat.  On the "Low" setting it was ~135 deg F.  (And I verified that the thermal lag on the oven thermometer is huge - it took almost 5 minutes to return to room temperature.)  So the thermostat is working correctly!  Sounds like exactly what you would get with a serious air leak.  But how to seal it?

I dug around in my spare parts bin and found some high temperature HVAC duct foil tape.  Good to 200 deg F, and 100% airtight. 

I went back into Dante's laundry room (so skinny there's only 6" between the dryer door and the opposite wall) and sealed up 90% of the circumference.  Unfortunately, my hands are too big to tape up the very top, but I tried.  Only drawback: it will be a major female dog to get that duct off the drum if I ever have to take it apart again.


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