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 Posted: Fri Apr 13th, 2007 09:57 am
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Oh, and when the dryer is set to "Low Delicate Medium Rare" the heater coil visibly cycles roughly every 55 seconds.  The temp (measured with a very reliable $1.99 oven thermometer), is ~150 deg F.

When the dryer is set to "High Heavy Flame Broil", I watched the heater until I got bored and started to drift off, nearly drooling into the 220V circuit.  It took a whole 85 seconds ( 1:25 ).  Oven thermometer reads ~175 deg F.

We are looking for average temps, not high points.  The difference on many dryers between Regular and Low can be a difference of as low as 10-12 degrees and be considered normal on a properly vented unit.  If you are averaging 155-160 ish on regular, and a lower temp then that on Medium and a lower temp then that on low, your are probably within specs.  Delicate is not just a breath of warm air.  It usually will have an average of 135-145 depending on make and model.  Some units will offer a ultra care selection which might go as low as 120-125 degree average, but this is achieved via a different t-stat, or a thermistor and board combo.  I have never seen temps much different from what I have listed on units using a t-stat and bias heater like your system.  Problem with the thermometer you purchased is it will probably not react quick enough to accurately show you the temp swing.   

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