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 Posted: Fri Apr 13th, 2007 08:03 am
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I know you said you cleaned the vent and all but this sounds like an air flow problem to me, especially with all the measurements on the operating thermostats and timing the elements cycling.  You also said something about a young Samurai.  Young Samurais have been known to get up in the middle of the night and place their socks into appliances to distract their parents.  Most of them go directly to the washer and put socks in the pump, however you seem to have a young samurai with imagination, one who undoubtedly seeks fulfillment on the higher plane of contorted parents. 
Since you have been into the back of the dryer (often) you should be familiar with the brownish-black tunnel that runs from the top (lint trap) down to the blower.  You may as well remove this and inspect it for missing socks or other possible blockage.  There are about 4 screws attaching it to the blower housing and 2 at the top where the lint trap lid is.  Look down inside the blower housing as well, sometimes there is an abundance of lint that can build up there, especially if the lint screen has pealed lint off before it came out for cleaning.

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