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 Posted: Wed Jun 15th, 2005 10:08 pm
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dbfact wrote: ...attached to the motor by a pin, and that sheared right in half (what kind of manufacturing is that!).
Actually, that is not so much of a manufacturing issue.  The shear pin can break off when you put wet and heavy clothing in the drum and the drum flexes too much.

I learned (also the hard way) that clothes going into an ASKO dryer ought to be almost dry to begin with.  That means using the high speed spin on the WASHER to wring out the most water possible before putting it into the dryer.  The dryer is the biggest energy monster in the whole shebang so you want to run it as little as possible.  The washer gets the clothes almost dry anyway.

It was nice of ASKO to back up their product under their warranty.  If this was some other manufacturer you would have only had a 1 year warranty or so and you'd be left high and dry for the entire bill.