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 Posted: Sun Apr 8th, 2007 06:16 pm
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exsearsguy wrote: I would strongly suggest you change this element. If it did this it will almost surely do it again. For safety's sake, DO IT.
I did replace it.

And the dryer is again dishonerable!  ARRGH!

I had the heater sitting on the shelf for almost half a year before I got around to installing it.  After all, everything was working, right?

So I put the new heater in about a year ago and now the annoying wife* says the dryer has been overheating for months!  We have new little 6 month old samurai.  He keeps getter bigger - we don't need his clothes getting smaller!

Last month the washing machine drive coupler wore out, which was a quick fix.  But this dryer thing is making me look bad.  Wife actually wants me to call "real repairman" or buy new dryer.


*Of course, wife might be annoying because yesterday morning a little old man backed broadside into her brand new Subaru  (3 weeks old and 750 miles on the odometer).  Crunch!  It's my fault because I was sitting behind the wheel when he hit the car.  And because I'm male.