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 Posted: Mon Apr 11th, 2005 09:07 pm
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So, I have a Whirlpool Washer (# LSQ9010LW0).  It was working fine, then after a slightly bumpy move up three flights of stairs to a new apartment, it was installed and worked perfectly.  For about a month, then when the spin cycle would FINISH (not suring the spin) there would be loud banging, like the brake was not working.  We stopped using it for a month and with busy schedules didn't get a repairperson over, but one day on a whim we tried it again and no banging.  It's worked perfectly for about 2-3 months, then a week ago, this time DURING the spin, there was this wooshing sound that was not there before, and the faint smell of warm/hot plastic, then the spin cycle just stopped working, but agitation is working fine.  The basket spins freely when you manually turn it, and i've opened it up and checked the switch on the door. 

here are some observations:

  - the whole basket seems to be sitting low, but it still self-centers. like, the gap between the bottom of the agitator and the innerbasket has gotten greater. 

  - i took off the agitator to look at the drive block, and it was coated with metal shavings and a lubricant.  i'm not sure if the metal shavings are normal?  the plastic spacer thing as well as the metal clip that are on top of the spanner nut are in fine condition. 


I can take out the drive coupling or the drive block to look for damage, but i don't know what to look for.  is there anything else that could be causing this, besides those two pieces? 

Is this two different problems, or the same one?



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