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 Posted: Sun Apr 1st, 2007 07:41 pm
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Greetings Samurai,

I have the front load washer mentioned above (Kenmore 417.42142100) that is experiencing some problems with turning/agitation during the wash cycle, and sometimes the spin cycle.

The main symptom is that the motor attempts to turn the tub during certian parts of the wash cycle (like right after the initial fill) but doesn't seem to have enough power to turn it - producing a slight sweaking sound. It behaves as if something was slipping, like a clutch. If I assist it, most of the time it will start turning. Also, at certain points in the wash cycle, the motor will turn the tub unassisted, just like it supposed to.

I'd compare it to putting a car in fifth gear and trying to get the car going from a dead stop -- just not enough torque to move forward. However, the other times when it works right, it seems to have no problem turning the tub. (kinda like putting that car in first gear)

Here's some things that may help you point me in the right direction
  1. the motor will turn the tub as expected during certain points in the cycle, other times it doesn't have enough power to start turn the tub. for example, about a quarter through the wash cycle, the motor engages and turns the tub perfectly. then at the beginning of the spin cycle (or the beginning of the wash cycle), it doesn't have enough torque to start. and it's intermittent.
  2. the motor turns freely both ways
  3. the timer seems to work - runs through the cycles just fine
  4. the door lock is functioning
  5. the belt is tight and looks to be in good condition
  6. i do not have an omh meter, so I could not try testing various electrical parts
I have read posts about this possibly being a start capacitor problem, but I do not know where that is on this model washer. I've checked by the motor, but don't see it. Other posts seem to indicate it might be on the Speed Control, but I'd rather not play around until I get some solid advice.

I am happy to take pictures and upload them if it helps.

Thanks in advance,