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 Posted: Mon Apr 11th, 2005 08:38 pm
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Monday 3:30 pm

I do not know if the motor has a thermistor. I inferred this from your description of the problem: overheating and stopping. I figgered the shutoff mechanism is some sort of heat sensor. But,...


Update: it worked for about 3 loads. Then, after 2 days of rest, it just buzzed when the start button was pressed.

I unbelted it and tested. It turned freely. I attached the belt; just a buzz.

I opened the door, pressed the "door is closed" button, had an assistant press the start button while I turned the drum, and it started and spun fine.

I then closed the door, pressed the start button a couple of times, buzz and then the smell.

So a new motor is next.

But, I am concerned about the drum turning. It seems to turn freely.

I lubricated the wheels with a silicone spray. They turned fine before I did such.

The felt appears in good condition.

And the pads appear to not be overly worn. But how am I to know.

Thank you for your time and attention.