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 Posted: Thu Mar 29th, 2007 11:45 pm
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OK, I think I figured out how to test the resistance of the PTC.  First I had to figure out what the PTC was.  That's the white part hanging out the end that the power comes into.  So I tested it disconnected and it came up at 1400 ohms.  A guy told me at the appliance store that I had to test it with power coming into it.  So I tried to test the to sets of NO circuits in diagnostic mode with the door lock test running.  Well, I can no longer get into diagnostic mode.  Is there anything special that takes these things away from diagnostic mode permanently.  I thought maybe because 2 of the plugs to the door lock were disconnectd, so I put everything back together.  Nope, didn't help.  I even unplugged the machine for 30 seconds.  I'm running a cycle now to get an error code loaded in there (I cleared the last one) thinking maybe it needs an error code to hit diagnostic mode.  Any help out there.  Again THANKS!

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