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 Posted: Tue Jun 14th, 2005 02:22 pm
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Darn, I just ordered the T-stat and not the damper.  I figured out that if the t-stat fails it will fail in the closed damper direction, so the fridge side does not become a freezer and over-tax the compressor.

If the T-stat is not the fix then I will buy the damper.  It could be the damper for two reasons. 1. it was redesigned (a red flag) 2. I can freely move the louvers with no resistance to the open (and closed) position with a butter knife or screwdriver.

The latter is a bit of a mystery because I'm not sure how much "slack" the motor gives you to manually move the louvers. I can do the same thing to a new damper in the one in my basement . I have a 1 year old "clone" (in black ) for a Beer and Wine party fridge in the basement. It has been called to duty as a general cooler for my "broken" one.

I will keep you posted.  The t-stat is being shipped now.  

I bet you it's the darn damper...See, this has been the the thing that has been bugging me!