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 Posted: Tue Jun 14th, 2005 12:19 pm
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No signs of leakage on inside of cabinet, and yes the part you have the yellow arrow pointed to is the transmission. When the machine spins correctly if you have the front off the whole complete unit will be spining around real fast, you don't want to get your hands/small children/ or animals in there.

Something you said in an early post could be your problem. I can't remember how much play, in and out, the transmission shaft should have. If the transmission shaft has came loose from however it is attached to the other components in the transmission then instead of releasing the brake when the pulley rides up the cam you would just be pulling the shaft down and not releasing the brake.

When you turn the pulley in the spin direct watch very closely and see if the pulley actually rides up the cam or if the cam and shaft end just pull out of the machine.

If you don't get the brake to release the transmission will be locked solid and not move.

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