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 Posted: Tue Jun 14th, 2005 11:53 am
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"Did you ever try to turn the transmission pulley in spin direction while at the same time trying to turn the actual transmission by hand?"  You mean to try to turn the whole aluminum housing?  The one in the attached picture?  Yes, I did try once but it felt so solid that I assumed that it was bolted in place.  I have now (just now!) inserted the additional washer between the e-clip which holds the pulley-cam assembly onto the shaft and the existing washer which contacts the cam.  I moved the pulley CCW (spin direction) and was not able to budge the transmission at all.  It feels quite solid.  Should the whole aluminum housing turn on the axis of the shaft?  If so, is there some point I could lube to make it easier? 

Please reference the attached pictures.  The chain in the first picture is just as I found it.  I used small needle nose pliers to pull it out.  It was not really wedged in place and came out intact and fairly easily.  It was not deformed, so I hope there was no damage.  It is shown now with a penny for size reference.  The inside of tthe cabinet is not splashed at all.  Please verify that you and I are refering to the same part as the transmission.  Do I have it labeled correctly (I can't imagine anytghing else in the picture being called a transmission!)

Whether or not we achieve a 100% fix, I have learned several things through this ordeal. 
  1. I am much less scared of the interior workings of the mysterious washing machines.
  2. I know that they can be opened much more easily than they appear.  The last two screws I removed were the first two I should have removed.  They held the front onto the rest of the cabinet and I probably wouldn't have needed to completely remove the whole cabinet.
  3. There are still people out there in the world who will come to a stranger's aid and stay with the job in spite of the stranger's ignorance.  Thanks again.  Very sincerely!

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