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 Posted: Tue Jun 14th, 2005 02:50 am
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Ok, the saga congtinues...I pulled off the pulley and thrust assembly again.  With all of the washers removed, I tried to turn the shaft.  Agitate direction (CW when viewed underneath) continues to agitate.  I am not able to turn the shaft the other way.  Well, not very far.  Sometimes it goes a quarter turn, sometimes less, sometimes niot at all.  Is this because the brake has not been released by the cam?

I believe that there is some wear to the cam, contrary to earlier posting.  I added a washer to the stack of washers just above the spring washer and below the cam.  Can't tell by hand if that is enough or if there is really any change. 


1     3    (1) Bottom of Maytag, pulley & washers removed     (3)Chain wrapped around top of tub

2     4    (2) Washers and Cam                       (4) Maytag on its side.  Trans. assy joins tub to base.

No signs of water leakage anywhere, therefore have not gone down any farther from the top.  I could not find any Min or Max on the pulley.  Do I need to reassemble and run it thru fill/spin cycle to determine if the washer fixed the problem with the brake releasing?  Should I be able to turn the shaft CCW (spin) with all of the washers and pulley off?

Thanks for all of the help I've been asking for and receiving.  I really want to conqueror this thing!



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