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 Posted: Fri Mar 9th, 2007 07:45 pm
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I had the same problem with my ASKO 10505 agitation. After reading this forum, I decided, instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a new motor, to try replacing just the brushes. Despite an intensive internet search for brushes for this European motor, I could not locate a dealer in the USA, at least one with a website listing. I did, though, find one on ebay in the UK. I figured I could take the chance and order brushes from that dealer. What a great decision. They came by post in 5 days, and plugged right in. The washer is working great again!

I see many posts about having to replace the motors on this machine. I wonder if it might have been just the brushes. Since they are not readily available in the USA, the repairman might not think there is an option. Believe me, I never thought I would be ordering appliance parts from England!

I purchased this ASKO washer and dryer set in 1996. Since then I have replaced the belt on the washer and dryer, one each. Other than some major complaints with the quality of the plastic front piece, and the lousy paint, the mechanical components have worked great.

Thank you for this forum. I helped me a couple of years ago with my dishwasher issues, as well.