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 Posted: Mon Jun 13th, 2005 02:01 pm
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the support that the basket was monted to also threads off,a special spanne wrench is required for this.  check first to see if the brake is being disengaged- lay the machine on it's back and shed some light upon the thrust bearing/pulley- you will see on the pulley there are indicator marks moulded into the pulley with a "min" and "max"- thepullet should turn freely one direction(as you already indicated it does),but when reversed,should disengage the brake(cause tub movement) somewhere in the indicated range,if you cannot adjust this slack,a thrust bearing kit must be installed.note carefully the positioning of the 7 washers involved in the thrust ass'y. best way to describe it ; the biggest washer goes on first,the second biggest goes to the bottom; of the remaining washers,you form a "sandwich" with the springy washer closest to the bottom. thankfully,full instructions w/diagram is included with encapsulated thrust bearing kit. be certain to check for signs of water leaks(however small looking) through the lower part of the tub where the shaft goes in as this is a sure sign of seal failure/bearing damage.

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