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 Posted: Mon Jun 13th, 2005 01:56 pm
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Why I was PM'ed and this wasn't posted to board, I don't know. I'm posting so all can give help.


I'm not sure if my damper or my thermostat is broken. Kenmore 106.59592990 AKA whirlpool

I had/have a 50 deg. Fridge and a 10 deg freezer. I have moved and tested both temp knobs and did a man. defrost. The damper was closed and I thought was frozen shut. The compressor and everything else is normal. When I started the fridge up it got good and cold fast on both sides. I went to bed with my fridge at 38 deg. in the AM is back to 50 deg. with the damper shut! I have great airflow in the freezer but the damper will not open. I can open it up with a butter knife with no resistance and the fridge gets to "30 something" and then closes with force. (I used a drinking straw to try to keep it open but it crushed it closing).

What do I have here? A cold freezer and a damper that works to keep the frigid from getting too cold, but will not open (without a butter knife). Can the thermostat fail in only one way, that is, can it fail to signal the damper to open?

A bad thermostat or damper? I don't want to replace both. $$$

Please help.

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