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 Posted: Mon Jun 13th, 2005 10:51 am
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I pulled the main drive pulley off and the thrust cam and washers appear to be in fine, original condition.  No wear seen.   That would have been too easy, huh?

I did try to measure the distance that the transmission shaft moved in the up/down (or axial) direction when the pulley was off.  It was about a quarter of an inch.  I'm guessing that the cam action when motor is in the spin direction causes the transmission to shift gears by  moving the shaft down, or towards the floor.  If that's true, then how far should it move?  Also, I can spin the pulley in the agitate direction with one finger.  In the spin direction, it moves but is much harder and the basket side of the transmission (output shaft) does not move at all.

I am having difficulty determining how to remove the tub seal to see if the spin bearing is frozen up.  The last thing I need to do is tear something up that wasn't already damaged.  In the attached photo, the yellow arrow shows the top of the seal above the seal nut (red arrow).  Do I pry it up/away from the nut below it?  Does the nylon "nut" thread onto the shaft? 

I appreciate the time you have spent already assisting me.  Thank you!

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