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 Posted: Sun Jun 12th, 2005 10:34 am
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That chain rapped around the seal area very well could have damaged the seal and let water into the bearing. Did you look for signs of water leakage above the transmission where it enters the outer tub?

Did you pull the drive pulley off and inspect the thrust washers and bearings? Did you take the front off the washer and try to turn the transmission by hand while turning the pulley in the spin direction?

From your info just posted it doesn't sound like you did any of the above, just pulled the agitator and tub and found the chain.

It can only be one of three things:
Worst case 1) internal clutch spring inside transmission broken, (have to eliminate other possiblities first). Part only, complete transmission, most likely still under warranty.

2) Tub seal bad from chain and spin bearing frozen up

Best case-hope 3) need new pulley/cam and/or thrust bearing.

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