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 Posted: Tue Feb 13th, 2007 01:15 am
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Howdy Ho!

Scatspeak wrote:

Following guidelines and scads of postings here, I've cleaned and photographed the beast.  It appears to possibly be a sealed system problem (note the lack of frost on the evaporator).

There are a number of things which aren't clear from my scavenging here at this fabulous site:
  • Are there other items to examine that may lead elsewhere diagnostically instead of the freon/compressor?
  • What is the common $$ for a repair to sealed system?
  • Is the $$ a main reason for not pursuing repair of a sealed system?
  • How long might I expect the refrigerator portion to continue cooling acceptably based upon the meager information my pictures and model data provide?

1. Looks like a sealed system problem from your pic. If the compressor is running then it can't be the start device. But of course ze condenser is clean, non?

2. Many factors involved, you'll get a different price from every servicer. I'll give a different price for the same job on a different day.

3. Ye$$

4. Impossible to predict. I'd be buying milk by the quart.


This unit looks like it was actually made by Amana.

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