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 Posted: Tue Feb 13th, 2007 12:56 am
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My 9 year old refrigerator has started leaving the ice cream slushy at an average of 20 - 25 degrees in that compartment.  Meanwhile, the food area stays around 40.

Following guidelines and scads of postings here, I've cleaned and photographed the beast.  It appears to possibly be a sealed system problem (note the lack of frost on the evaporator).

There are a number of things which aren't clear from my scavenging here at this fabulous site:
  • Are there other items to examine that may lead elsewhere diagnostically instead of the freon/compressor?
  • What is the common $$ for a repair to sealed system?
  • Is the $$ a main reason for not pursuing repair of a sealed system?
  • How long might I expect the refrigerator portion to continue cooling acceptably based upon the meager information my pictures and model data provide?
We have a chest freezer in the basement (just purchased) to use instead - I'm just trying to postpone the inevitable refrigerator replacment if that is my only path.

Personal Observation: I think that the appliances are co-conspirators.  I just replaced the garbage disposal this weekend already and now the bottom freezer decides to become dysfunctional... a few months ago it was the dishwasher...

TIA to everyone for past and future responses...

Love this site... lurked for awhile... thought it was time to pay homage.

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