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 Posted: Sat Feb 10th, 2007 08:52 pm
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I have a 417.29042991 built in 1999.  Not long ago there was a loud banging during the final spin, and after reading this forum and examining the machine I also found 2 of the three spider arms broken.  It took a lot of banging to get the drum out.  There was brown grease in the plastic tub and the rear seal and bearings were shot.  I reviewed the manual, and it says there is a lifetime warranty on the stainless drum.  I called Sears, and they agreed but needed a repair technician to come out.  He looked at it, and was shocked to see it under warranty when I presented the manual.  He called his supervisor and they agreed to replace the parts, plus the rear shell and front shell that had a large gouge in it when the drum touched down on it.  However, they needed $180 for labor.  I obviously had the parts out and he knew I could put it back together.  Anohter call, and they agreed to just send the parts, but the warranty on the new parts would be void.  I had them send the tub assembly since it was cheaper for them, and less work for me.  It was shipped directly to me in five days.  Two hours later I had the machine back together and running. The number for the entire assembly shown on this forum works perfectly. 

Thanks for this forum and especially this thread.  I gladly contributed to the beer fund.