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 Posted: Sun Jun 12th, 2005 01:03 am
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Progress!  But, alas, not enough.  Thanks for your posting.  It gave me the renewed interest in diagnosing and resolving my issue.

I pulled the belt off (on this model it is underneith the washer, requiring NO disassembly--a nice touch.)  The transmission pulley moves freely in the agitate direction but would only move reluctantly in the other.  OK.  Time for some of the dreaded disassembly. 

I pulled the agitator assembly out with its single bolt under the fabric softener cup.  I discovered all of the clips holding the tub cover assembly ring to the tubs and got it out of the way.  Next I removed the four bolts holding the spinner basket and pulled it out.  There I hesitated to pull the bolts securing the outer tub, so I took a break for a beer.  (Ok, all I had was a cigarette, but I wqanted a beer!)  When I came back to it, I was examining everything I could see and WHOA!  Eureka!  Something that didn't look right--there was a silver necklace wrapped around the seal/bearing that supports the agitator.  With finesse I removed it and checked for anything else (found nothing more).

I reassembled everything and reconnected water and power.  It still agitates but still does not spin.

Do you, based on this further description, still think the same worn cam ramp will be  the issue?  I can hear the motor spinning when it should be spinning the basket, but the basket does not spin.

Thanks for the assistance so far!